Desert Island moments

If you had to compile a Desert Island Discs-like DVD of your most cherished moments in the company of natural history, what would they be? You would no doubt think of some of the rarities that you have seen; consider those bigs falls or spectacular sea watches that you have been lucky enough to witness; possibly include one or two long-held ambitions that were met. But then again, these moments might involve the mundane and commonplace that for whatever reason became the inspirational.

After my recent trawl through many years worth of field notes I am putting together my top ten (so that's ten posts worth of material taken care of!). Watch this space… and if you are left underwhelmed by this promise then there is a list of much worthier blogs on the right for you to peruse.


Factor said…
Rest assured Steve, no-one will be left underwhelmed. Looking forward to it.
Steve Gale said…
Thanks Neil, just trying to sort them into order - easier said than done.

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