Saturday, 7 November 2015


I suppose that is the number of one and a half beasts?...

Or there again it just might be the number of posts now committed to this second version of North Downs and beyond. That's an awful lot of waffle, so if you are a regular visitor, thanks for persevering. Post 1,000 might not be tomorrow, as I have an appointment with a sofa in Littlestone tomorrow evening to watch the north London derby with a 'Gooner', one Mark H.

Back to today. More strengthening south-westerly and a bit more rain. I got wet twice and abandoned birding by 15.00hrs. An early seawatch was dominated by Gannets, Kittiwakes and auks, plus a couple of Arctic Skuas and yesterday's Little Gull was still loafing around. Some of the day was spent hanging around with the 'gull fondlers', trying to bluff my way through by nodding knowingly when they were discussing the finer points of Caspian Gull identification. I can manage a classic individual, but some of the more tricky birds leave me high and dry. I've managed to get some images of them, which I'll post when I return home. Don't get too excited...

The November 'plants in flower' list has moved up to 84 species with the addition of Sticky Mouse-ear, Chinese Mugwort, Slender Speedwell, Black Medick and Pot Marigold.

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