Thursday, 5 November 2015

Cucumber... no, Melon... no, Marrow...

The birds have largely moved on, the wind has swung south-west and the rain has arrived in the strengthening wind, BUT! I've still got the 'flowering plants in November' challenge. The species list has now reached 79, with the addition of annual wall rocket, common chickweed, rose campion, common fumitory and marrow. Well, when I claim marrow, it is with a big dollop of 'maybe'. This interesting plant is close to the old lighthouse and is a prostrate, but robust plant with two rich yellow flowers at the end of spherical fruits (the fruits are hirsute). The corollas are 55mm wide which, I believe, are too large for Mellon. David W and Gill and Mick H have all had a look, with gourd being the latest suggestion. I'd like to show you a photo, but while at Dungeness I'm having a problem uploading images on an iPad in the Blogger platform.

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