Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Smew serve up humble pie

Yesterday, in the sweltering heat of a scorching November day (slight exaggeration there), two redhead Smew turned up on the RSPB reserve - birds that embody all that is freezing cold. My initial thought was "I wonder what they really were then?" But my scepticism was rammed firmly down my throat when they were seen by multiple observers, including some of Dungeness's finest. They were still there today, and as I watched them I ate a large slice of humble pie.

The November plants in flower list has now reached 74 species with the addition of creeping cinquefoil, ribbed melilot, common field speedwell, creeping thistle, bristly oxtongue and rib wort plantain.


Derek Faulkner said...

Are you sure you'll want to come back to your lonely patch after spending so much time with the big boys.

Steve Gale said...

Derek, funnily enough, I am missing certain aspects of my north downs patches. If anything, it has made me more appreciative of home. Dungeness will be here for my (hopefully) frequent visits. Best of both worlds!