Hawfinch update

The Surrey Hawfinch irruption paper has been updated, with Wes Attridge's ringing data added. Please click on this link to download.https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hdNvbUFWeK-S8gLypqlokEmYQAY8KiI_/view?usp=sharing


Just a wonderful bird!
Steve Gale said…
Did you eventually catch up with one Simon?
Gibster said…
That was 20 minutes worth of fine reading. Two points sadden me; first that I was not there to witness any of it and secondly that my beloved Epsom Common supplied you with no records/counts. Good work, Mr G and thank you for making it so freely available for all.
Steve Gale said…
My pleasure Seth. Maybe there are records to still surface from Epsom Common. They will be added, the report updated, and released to the world!

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