Wild Liquorice

This is a plant that had eluded me - I'd searched the well-known Surrey site at Brockham Quarry several times, but had failed - that is until this morning. Thanks to a combination of scrub clearance and some kind and helpful directions, I was able to pay my respects to a sizeable clump (several square metres) just off of the footpath above Brockham Quarry, with a further plant some 10m away. It was a larger and more robust species than I expected and has become a firm favourite. There must be more to find...


Gibster said…
I've had Wild Liquorice in Headley Warren, I spent a lot of time there checking the seedheads for a certain micro-moth that I never saw. I heard since that the plants at Headley may have been planted. Whether planted or genuine, there were certainly were a good many patches when I was there. And looking rather more wild than a certain bunch of Starfruits that I once saw... ;)
Steve Gale said…
The 'notable' plants at Headley Warren do have an air of suspicion about them, whereas that bunch of Starfruits - you can almost see the Wellington boot prints in the mud of the bloke who planted them.

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