Thundry Meadows

Close to Elstead, on the banks of the River Wey, is situated a gem of a Surrey Wildlife Trust reserve. Thundry Meadows is largely comprised of water meadows and Alder carr, habitats that I rarely spend time in. My visit today was largely to try and find White-barred Clearwing, which has been recorded here in the past. Despite good weather, the lures remained un-visited.

It was good to get down with the plants, with much head-scratching involved at an assemblage that I do not immerse myself into very often. Highlights included plenty of Marsh Cinquefoil (above), Common Valerian, Fen Bedstraw, Fine-leaved Water-dropwort and Bogbean. I need to come back and spend time trying to come to terms with the sedges, rushes and grasses - groups that I have shamefully neglected.


Chris Janman said…
Wow, that is a lovely plant, very envious.
Steve Gale said…
It is a stunner Chris. I've only seen it here and at Dungeness.
Gibster said…
I've heard that you get ticks at Thundry too. Just sayin'....

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