Starter's orders

The 'starter's orders' have been issued and we are OFF! The birth of 2019 has seen a flurry of activity across the country, from the swivel-eyed day listers to the sedate birder who, after a lie-in and leisurely breakfast, ambled out into the field to casually look through binoculars to see what was on offer.

I was up and out pre first light and visited the River Hogsmill at Ewell (more of a stream), walking along the meandering banks between Bourne Hall and Ewell Court. It was, as ever, rewarding, with singles of Little Egret, Water Rail, Kingfisher, Red Kite and two Grey Wagtails. I was back home by 10.30hrs as the girls and I had decided to have a New Year Day walk along the beach at East Preston in West Sussex. It was remarkably mild. I did take my optics along, but there seemed to be little on show.

2019 eh? And now there are 364 days left. Is it too early to do a 'round-up of the year'?...


dmcjournal said…
Is it too early to do a 'round-up of the year'?...

I'd be tempted to say go for it and be the first but you might just be pushing the boundary a step too far, how about waiting until the end of the week?
Steve Gale said…
Great thinking Dave - end of the week it is!

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