Round two

We come to the end of February, two months into the 2019 Surrey v Northumberland patch challenge. Although hard work, the month has seen some rewarding birding, with the following species new for the year: Black-throated Diver (Holmethorpe), Jack Snipe (Holmethorpe), Treecreeper, Hawfinch (Headley Heath, Juniper Top, Juniper Bottom), Peregrine, Lesser Redpoll, Goshawk (undisclosed), Common Crossbill (Ranmore Common), Firecrest (Ranmore Common).

The Black-throated Diver (above) was the biggest surprise, only my second record for the Uber-patch. From a personal point of view it was fantastic to once again see Hawfinches in the same areas over which they swarmed last winter. So, the scores-on-the-doors are:

Uber patch Jan-Feb total: 101 species (47.41% of personal historic total)
Mini ├╝ber patch Jan-Feb total: 72 species (55.38% of personal historic total)

I'm sure that my virtual friend Stewart will respond with a fine selection of his own from the month. This is no sprint, but an ornithological marathon. I've more or less mopped up the 'expected' species (bar the summer migrants) so I really will have to put in the extra hours to jam in on the unexpected.


Stewart said…
Unfortunately I cant match those ornithological delights Steve. Some great birds there. Although Gos is a widespread bird in Northumberland I've never had a coastal one let alone one on the patch. Jack Snipe has only 2 records in 10 years and Hawfinch only 1. I'll need to keep my powder dry for the long haul...
Steve Gale said…
I'm expecting a northern onslaught in the autumn Stewart, by which time my powder will no doubt be damp!

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