Thursday, 26 January 2017

A bit of spring in winter

It was Bourne Hall, Ewell once again, plus a wander along the River Hogsmill all the way to Ewell Court. It was very quiet, with only a single (and tame) Little Egret, a flushed Common Snipe, but no sign of any Kingfishers. I reckon that the wintering Water Rail may have moved on. It was an iron cold day, the chill in the south-easterly breeze enough to make it uncomfortable, and the drizzle that fell in the early afternoon turned into the finest snow that I've ever seen. Amid all of this mid-winteryness was a sight to stir the soul - a fine display of Winter Heliotrope (above and below), together with a smattering of Ramularia purpurascens across some of the leaves (thanks Seth!)

Now, I know I keep on posting photographs of Stonechats, Reed Buntings and Little Egrets, but when these birds just pose for you, why not? I never tire of them.


Derek Faulkner said...

By the way that that Little Egret's wings are hanging a bit, it looks like it could do with a good meal.

Steve Gale said...

Derek, this particular individual can fly OK and has no trouble feeding. It doesn't show a dropped wing all the time I'm happy to report.

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Beautiful, stern looking bird