Modest turnover

Although this mornings circuit of the Priest Hill fields seemed to be a case of the same few birds being present, there is evidence of turn-over. A male Stonechat (the first since early December) joined a single female this morning, and the count of 13 Reed Buntings (the third time this peak has been reached) included a male which was almost in full summer plumage - I've not seen him before. Little flying over, but expectation is still high. Where are those geese, Lapwings, larks, swans..?

Up to a dozen Goldfinch across the site - the Linnets seem to have moved on
Sorry - another Reed Bunting - cannot help myself at times.


I love these little songbirds, commonplace though they may be
Steve Gale said…
And that is why you will always get pleasure from your birdwatching Simon.
Dylan Wrathall said…
Steve, that bridge camera of yours is producing some nice images. Do you keep it on auto, or play around with the settings?
Steve Gale said…
Hi Dyl, just kept on auto. I haven't even looked at anything else it can do. I'm really pleased with the results. Cheers, Steve.

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