An annual pilgrimage

Every January, since I first saw them in 2015, I return to one of the small woods on the slopes of Walton Downs, and pay my respects to the tidy clump of Green Hellebore. As to why I have gone back these past six Januarys is beyond me, I just do, a pavlovian reaction at the start of the year. It might have something to do with the fact that they are in full flower in the depths of winter, and not many species are doing that right now - so maybe it is a reminder of the seasons yet to come. Whatever the reason, here they are in all their finery this morning.


Haven't seen them out here yet, but they will be soon
Steve Gale said…
Simon, luckily I also have Stinking Hellebore close by. That should also be flowering now.
martinf said…
I've always found something slightly unsettling about Green Hellebores. I guess it must be the colour. They always make me do a double take.
Steve Gale said…
They look hand-made to me Martin, as if made out of a material.

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