Tissue at the ready!

Thanks to a tip off from Chris Wilkinson I found myself once again entering the dim and dank interior of a North Downs pill box, this time to successfully see a hibernating Tissue. The bleached out image above does show the apparently characteristic pinkish-purplish tinge to the upper wing and the strongly scalloped edge of the underwing. The image below illustrates quite clearly the beads of condensation that have formed across the moth. There were a number of Herald moths also scattered about the confines, with Chris reaching a grand total of nine.

The box (at TQ1125848663) was on the roadside (at White Down) that runs down from Ranmore to Abinger Roughs, and being that bit more closer to human activity did have plenty of rubbish inside (including the rusty springs of a small single mattress). I wasn't tempted to have a lie down...


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