Wednesday, 15 July 2020

600 in the garden

The garden MV has not been all that productive so far this summer, although last night did provide some interesting micros, a few of them featured below. Last night also saw the passing of 600 species of moth for the back garden - it sounds a lot, but I did start recording here in 1987. As always, if you think I've made a schoolboy error on any of the identifications, please let me know.

Catoptria pinella
Dichomeris marginella
Gypsoma aceriana
Parachronistis albiceps


Gibster said...

600 is a lot, well done! Slight typo on your Dichomeris though.

Tony Brown said...

600 is mightily impressive even if you did start back in 1987 Steve and as a recent convert to the world of micro's, I'm enjoying the posts.

Steve Gale said...

Thanks Seth, amended.

Tony - my latest post exposes my very amateur abilities...