Dungeness and beyond

My wife: "Isn't it about time you went down to Dungeness?"

Me: "Oh, alright, shall I go for a day or two?"

My wife: "How about a week?"

Me: "That'll be good - if you don't mind me being away for that long"

My wife: "On second thoughts,how about a fortnight..."

So here I am, freshly arrived at a very windy Dungeness Bird Observatory, full of childish excitement at the prospect of a week's (or fortnight's) birding. And DBO has now got WiFi, so I can blog as well!!


Superb! Your wife is clearly a gem!
Graeme Lyons said…
Steve, are you gonna be down there on Saturday (17th) as there is a British Arachnological Society field trip to Camber Sands. It would be great if you could make it, my colleague Chris Bentley will be there who is a great entomologist.
mike N. said…
Missed you.! Left yesterday @ 17.15 after a windy day but Hobbies,Garganey & Black winged Stilt on the reserve & singing Black Red on Power Station containers.

Mike N.
Steve Gale said…
Jono - you're right of course!

Graeme - that would have been great. However, the FA Cup Final and beer beckons on that day...

Mike - what a shame we didn't cross paths. The stilt buggered off before I saw it.

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