Stilt does a runner

A day of glaring sunlight, buffeting WSW wind and a most uncooperative Black-winged Stilt that didn't have the decency to hang around and say hello. All was not lost however as the RSPB reserve always has something to offer, whether that be Marsh Harriers, Bearded Tits, Little Egrets, Hobby, Peregrine, Greenshank and LRP. Not bad for a day that the locals were calling "tedious".

Back at the bird observatory the highlights were botanical, with a couple of good patches of Small-flowered Buttercup (above), Bur Chervil and the start of one of my favourite plants - Nottingham Catchfly.

Couldn't help but getting all 'Simon King' and digiscoping this Great Crested Grebe chick getting a free ride on Ma (or Pa's) back. All together now - Ahhhhhhh!

In other news: my eyesight is definitely on the slide. The need for reading glasses in low light is now official. And for small print. And looking at insects. My hearing ain't what it used to be either. Let's just add it to the 'bloody annoying' list that includes excessive nasal hair and sagging bum. Life begins at 55...


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