The Move

Last month, my friend Jack suggested that we go and see a Rolling Stones tribute band called 'Rollin' Stoned'. I went along not expecting too much and had a brilliant evening. So when he suggested that we go and see 'The Move' this evening, I readily agreed. After all, what's not to like about seeing people dressing up in kaftans, wigs and shades pretending to be Roy Wood? But on arrival at the venue I was genuinely surprised (and excited) to find out that this was no tribute act - it was the genuine article - still boasting two founder members - Bev Bevan and Trevor Burton. They were joined by a trio of additional Brummies - Phil Tree, Tony Kelsey and Abby Brant.

The audience was largely comprised of blokes over 50, (overweight, bald, bad dress sense), with the odd wife or girlfriend in tow, who were looking around them wondering if they had stumbled into a convention of blokes whose sole connection was being on the sex offenders register. In fact in reminded me of being on a twitch.

The band were fantastic. They not only pumped out their hits (Blackberry Way, California Man, I Can Hear The Grass Grow, Flowers In The Rain, Fire Brigade) but also some great covers. I listened and was transported back to those heady days of the mid-to-late sixties. And yes, I can remember the 1960s, and can do so because I took nothing stronger than rusks and Spangles. I entered that particular decade in nappies and left it playing with Action Men. "If you can remember the 60s you weren't there" is a much quoted quote. Well I can and I was most certainly there, if only because instead of sex and dope as reference points mine were Thunderbirds and Huckleberry Hound.

These old geezers up on the stage (apart from Abby, the young female keyboard player) have played musically and socially with some of the greats - Hendrix, Morrison, Joplin, Joni Mitchell, Iggy Pop - and yet, after 40 plus years of plying their trade were still up for it, putting on a terrific performance full of skill and sheer joie de vivre. The venue? Hammersmith Apollo? The O2? No, it was the 'Boom Boom Club' in much maligned Sutton, Surrey. A great evenings entertainment.

I'm currently living the rock and roll lifestyle and am sitting at the computer with a large whisky and dry - and it's way past my bedtime. My ears are ringing. And I won't be able to hear a Goldcrest or a Treecreeper for several weeks to come... but I can definitely hear the grass grow.


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