In the 'now'

My Dungeness stay has settled down into a most agreeable form of 'plodding' (sorry Martin!). After a couple of days of tearing around seeing all that was on offer, I'm now content to amble about and accept what comes my way. No pressure, no expectations, just contentment. It's a good place to be.

This time of year, the 'fag-end' of Spring, is a strange time. Most of the migrants have been through, although there are still enough to come to warrant being at the ready. Late falls are not unknown. And at this time of year there can be an arrival of just three migrants, with two of them being rarities. This morning is a case in point, with the only 'migrant' activity being 4 Lapwings out to sea and a Bee-eater! I only saw the Lapwings with Dave Walker the only person to connect with the Bee-eater. But in my place of calm, that's all good...

Yesterday found me in northern France with a bunch of Dungeness-based birding pals. It is sobering to see so much brilliant habitat and so many birds, especially species that are but rarities over here. So near, but at the same time so far.

I'll stop now, I have plants to look at, inverts to confuse me and - you never know - a good bird might just pop up and surprise.


Anonymous said…
... and there's the Short-haired Bumblebee Release over at the RSPB on Monday.

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