Wot, no rant?

It's been some time since I've posted what could be described as an 'angry' post. There would always be something that had 'got my goat', annoyed me or something would happen that I would then consider to be preposterous. Try as hard as I can, there's nothing at the moment that is bothering me. And this is after two weeks being spent in the company of that most weird branch of humanity, the birder... I know, I am one of them too.

Is this a sign of contentment? Mellowing with age? Running out of ideas? Maybe. But there is one area that has helped me to find a sense of calm and that is reorganising my Twitter account.

Some time ago I was following 200-300 people, mainly birders from southern England. I did this to get a good feed of breaking bird news. Maybe 50% of the tweets I received were relevant to that aim, with another 20% being re-tweets of what I had already read and the remaining 30% a combination of drivel, inane humour and bollocks. A lot of this would be down to conversations between two people that should have been 'direct messaged', texted or, God forbid, spoken. Stuff like:

"Saw Dave today, really upset and missing the Monty's"

"He wouldn't have known what it was anyway"

"Lol. Just had a bacon sandwich."

"I haven't eaten anything today but a Mars Bar!"

"Lard arse!"

Etc, etc, etc

So, rather than unfollow 80% of those who I followed (I didn't want to upset some people - they can be sensitive you know), I closed my account and started all over again. Anonymously. I now follow but 30 accounts and have mostly eradicated the dross.



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