Everything's gone green

This wall summed up all that is pleasurable about my current little project, that of recording all of the flora in the 'compartments' of the uber patch. Without it, I would have not checked this old wall in Church Street, Epsom, and would therefore not have recorded four species of fern - in the image above, from left to right, are Wall-rue, Hart's-tongue and Black Spleenwort. Just a few metres away was this Maidenhair Spleenwort (below) - no excuses for posting another image of this fine species.

This afternoon, to escape 'Brigit Jone's Baby' on the TV, I paid my respects to the Green Hellebores (below) on Walton Downs, which came with the bonus of a flushed Woodcock. I also visited nearby Juniper Hill where there is - surprise, surprise - a good number of mature Juniper bushes (bottom). By the way, I've been unhappy with the reproduction of my images on this blog for some time and have only just got around to trying to sort it out. With the help of this link it's been sorted - compare the Maidenhair Spleenwort above with that of two posts ago.


The photos do indeed display a lot better now, well done. I've long set mine to be 1000px wide or 850px tall, and my central blog text bit is almost exactly 1000px wide so I just add them from Google and then select "original size" and they fit quite nicely.

I have to say I do like ferns.
dmcjournal said…
That has certainly done the trick, the pictures are excellent.
I've always resized mine first to fit the page then select 'original size' as Jonathon said.
Steve Gale said…
I've shown myself up to have been a lazy so-and-so...
Gibster said…
Aaaah! I shall have to start doing this, there's a noticeable improvement in your latest images. Of course, what I really need is some code that will massively improve the text content of my blog too...

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