Back for seconds

To be honest, I'll most probably be back for thirds, fourths and fifths as I think it impossible to feel full of Hawfinch! My return to Mickleham Downs provided six birds, sat together in the same beech tree that they took a liking to yesterday morning. I will sorely miss them when they finally move on - it may be many years before such events occur again.

To head off any notion that winter botany is all about shades of brown and green, have a load of this - the shocking red berries of Stinking Iris - they shine out like beacons in the subdued winter palette.


Derek Faulkner said…
Do wish that you wouldn't keep flaunting those Hawfinch photos at us, I've never seen one and probably never will here on Sheppey. Perhaps I ought to send you some photos of the beautiful male Hen Harrier that flies round here every day - or at least I would do if it stayed still long enough.
Steve Gale said…
They'll be gone soon enough Derek...
Beaks on those things, could knock a hole right through my leg
Steve Gale said…
That'd stop you running Simon.

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