Ronnie Raindrops

In 1953 the Americans started to name their storms with female names and then, in an act of equality (or because they were running out) they started to use male names as well. In 2015, as always eager to copy our 'friends' across the pond, we followed suit. Not for us Storms Chuck, Wilma and Buck, more a case of good old British names, although we have yet to witness a Storm Tyler or Jayden.

And now we also have to give weather events snappy monikers, such as the dose of cold air coming in from Russia being referred to as 'The beast from the east'. How far will this go?

BBC TV Weather Forecast, April 1st 2020
Philip Avery presenting.
"Good morning. If you have already looked out the window you will have noticed that it is a little bit Colin Cloudy which may well end up with a few Ronnie Raindrops. But don't worry, because Suzy Sun will most probably show her face this afternoon. But as darkness falls, watch out as it might get a bit Brian Breezy."

And if you think this is all Billy Bollocks, then watch this space...


Gavin Haig said…
A nice touch of the Victors there, I think... ;)

You're getting old mate!!
Steve Gale said…
That, Gav, is undeniable...

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