Fly Orchid at Yockletts Bank in Kent - one of the better ones


The number of Bee-eaters that Martin Casemore has missed at Dungeness this spring? How many managers Tottenham Hotspur have employed in the past 10 years? Or is it the number of plant species that I have taken photographs of in the UK?

Yes, proving that I've got more time on my hands than is healthy, I counted up the number of plant species that I've photographed across the UK. Most (but not all) are half-decent, some have come out rather well and a few of them are just record shots (have you tried taking a photograph in pouring rain and force 6 winds on top of a Scottish mountain?)

With thousands of images just resting on a hard-disk, waiting to be opened and looked at irregularly, I thought it would be worthwhile letting them out into the big wide world. So, if you (or somebody you know) wants to use any of them for personal means, to illustrate a talk or presentation, or just use as wallpaper for your computer monitor, then just ask. No fees, nothing. As for a list of what I've taken, I'm not going to type that out, but the images range from screaming rarities to 'habitat' shots. I'm mostly missing grasses, sedges and crucifers and there are plenty of common pavement weeds that I've yet to capture. 700 by years end? That would be a pointless aim and just the sort of thing that I like to chase.


Ali said…
That there is a nice flower for sure :)
Unknown said…
That's a really smart orchid.

Have you considered putting the images on to Flickr or such?
Steve Gale said…
Sure is Ali...
Steve Gale said…
I haven't Andrew, out of sheer laziness. Maybe I should.
Unknown said…
That's understandable Steve. I have no leg to stand on against that having got November 2013 to write still.

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